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Each Soft Sculpture is individually made so please allow 3 - 6 weeks for delivery.
All Wisconsin sales are subject to 5% sales tax.



This little Wheaten we named Hugsley, and he/she is about 17 ½ inches tall. Stuffed with soft polyester fiber fill this little guy is really soft and cuddly. This Wheaten Soft Sculpture can be ordered with dark tan paws, or black paws. Clothes can be purchased to fit this Wheaten at Michael's Craft Stores, and also at the Build A Bear Stores.
SHI in the US is $11.00 and to all other Countries is $28.00



This Wheaten is our 21 inch all fur jointed Soft Sculpture. He/she is made of imitation fur and is filled with soft polyester fiber fill, making holding and cuddling a must. This little Wheaten comes in the darker puppy fur, and in the lighter adult color. The ears on the lighter Wheaten are gray, like the ears on the Hugsley above.
Shipping, handling, and insurance is $12.00 in the US, and $29.00 to all other Countries



This little Soft Coated Wheaten Terrier Girl/Boy is app. 20 inches tall. Her head, neck, tail and feet are made of imitation fur. Her body is made of muslin and is filled with polyester fiberfill and poly beads, making her nice and heavy to sit on a chair, couch, shelf, table, desk, bed, or just about anywhere. Her pantaloons and apron are muslin and are white or off white, depending on which material the buyer chooses for the dress and bow. If you would like to order a boy Wheaten, he would be dressed in bib overalls, and a shirt that could match the dress on the girl Wheaten. This Soft Coated Wheaten comes in a darker fur like a puppy, or a little smaller version (pictured above in the middle), with darkened face and ears, or in the lighter adult Wheaten color. We do the ears on the lighter Wheaten gray, not the tan that is on the picture. If you look at the Hugsley Wheaten, you will see the color of gray we use for the ears. The choices of material are blues, greens, checks, plaid, flowered, Christmas, or country print. We can also do this Wheaten as a witch or an angel.
Shipping, handling, and insurance in the US is $13.50, to all other Countries - $32.00

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*All Wisconsin sales subject to 5% sales tax. Shipping, Handling and Insurance will be added to any and all sales, and will be quoted after learning destination.

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