Westie [ 2 ]
Each Soft Sculpture is individually made so please allow 3 - 6 weeks for delivery.
All Wisconsin sales are subject to 5% sales tax.



This little Westie Girl is app. 20 inches tall. Her head, neck, tail and feet are made of imitation fur. Her body is made of muslin and is filled with polyester fiberfill and poly beads, making her nice and heavy to sit on a chair, couch, shelf, table, desk, bed, or just about anywhere. Her pantaloons and apron are muslin and are white or off white, depending on which material the buyer chooses for the dress and bow. The choices of material are blues, greens, checks, plaid, flowered, Christmas, or country print.
Shipping, handling, and insurance in the US is $13.50, to all other Countries - $32.00.



This little Westie is our from our Buffity line. About 6 inches tall, made from imitation fur, this little darling Westie is filled with soft polyester fiberfill and poly beads making posing in different positions possible. Fully jointed and cuddly makes this little Westie fun for everyone in the family.
Shipping, handling, and insurance is $9.00 in the US, and $23.00 to all other Countries.

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*All Wisconsin sales subject to 5% sales tax. Shipping, Handling and Insurance will be added to any and all sales, and will be quoted after learning destination.

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