Daily Routines
We start at 6:00 am, taking the puppies out to potty and play. As soon as they get tired, they go back inside into their cages on bath towels. In two hours, we take them out again, etc., etc., all day, every day, until 10:00 pm. Within 24 hours, they are not pooping inside, and by 7 weeks of age, they are hardly even wetting inside, especially during the day. Our puppy runs are about 12' by 15', and 30' by 45', all patio blocked so the puppies don't dig and get dirty, and also so the water or urine doesn't sit in puddles for them to run through, keeping them cleaner.

There is a gym set, tunnel maze, slide, and kids chairs for them to climb on and run through, and we have boxes of toys for them to play with. It is a virtual day care center for puppies. We get the puppies used to loud noises and crash sounds, to help them not be afraid of storms or startling sounds. Puppies are held and cuddled, kissed every time they are picked up, as we feel nurturing is very important with early training. We teach them the concept of what the word no means. They are bathed and leash broken when they leave here, and puppies have their first shots and worming. We send you home with pages of instructions, and go over them with you along with showing you some simple training and handling tips. We are also here to answer any questions about training for the life of the dog.

Pick up and Delivery
Although we would rather you come here, meet us, and pick up your puppy, sometimes that is not possible and we have to ship the puppy. We can safely ship a puppy anywhere in the U.S. and Canada. Our preferred method is VIP or counter to counter, as the puppies are not sitting and waiting anywhere during the transfer of flights at the airport. This service runs approximately $175.00, with declared value, and the puppy is hand delivered from plane to plane during the transfer.

Two things we insist on for any of our puppy buyers are:

No.1. The puppy absolutely has to be a housepet. We do not sell any of our puppies to anyone wanting an outside dog.

. There has to be someone home for the puppy to keep up with his or her schedule. A wee puppy needs to be let out at least every 2 hours to potty, to be played with, and needs to be fed at noon. If people work full time and still want a puppy, they need to make arrangements for a: a good day care center, or Gramma's house to drop the puppy off during the day. Or b: a neighbor, friend, or relative to come and let the puppy out, feed, walk, and play with him or her, until the puppy is old enough to be left longer. At 12 weeks the puppy could probably go until noon and then after work, and at 1 year, the puppy could go almost all day. But be assured, that if you are a working parent, your puppy needs lots of attention, love, and training, when you are home.

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