"Our puppy is just too cute for words! She's such a sweetheart; Ican't get enough of her. She listens so well, and she's so much fun! I can't say enough times "thank you" for picking such a sweet, wonderful girl for us. She really made us happy and keeps us laughing."

"I couldn't wait to email you. Our puppy is such a joy!! Everyone just loves her so much. I can't thank you and Gary enough for veing such breat breeders. You really are in the right line of work. We are so in love with our puppy that Ithink fate brought us all together and firmly believe you both are a godsend."

"We are so fortunate to have found you and Gary and the magical world of the Airedale! We now feel we are complete with our two boys and look forward to many years of love with them. You are a remarkable breeder and advocate for the breed. You know and understand Airedales and are a real tribute and inspiration. We learned so much from our first two airedales from you, what brave, inspiring souls they were. I remember the first time we came to your home…we had never even seen an Airedale in person, only from a picture. You and Gary were so warm and gracious to us and the puppies were a hoot. You put up with our novice questions and I am not sure how you decided that we would be good parents, because we sure did not know what owning a puppy was all about. Our puppy was love, happiness, and sweetness all in one, she could be the most stubborn dog one minute and the cutest one the next. She never met a person she did not like."

"We want to thank you for sending us an absolutely beautiful and perfectly delightful puppy. We fell in love with her the moment we saw her. She slept through the night like a trooper, (only some crying when first put in the kennel, then fast asleep) until 5 am, which is when I normally get up."

"Just wanted to send you a quick note letting you know that our new little addition is adjusting very, very well. He has been a "dream" puppy so far. He slept with us wonderfully last night and hasn't had an accident in the house yet. He loves all of his toys and loves playing with our other airedale. We cannot thank you and Gary enough for the wonderful training that you have provided for him. The direct result of him being so good is a direct reflection on the two of you. He came from an excellent home and we will do everything we can to provide the best for him. Personally, Ihave grown up around Airedales all my life and by far he is the best puppy we have ever owned. Thanks to the two of you, he is so well adjusted and almost never finds himself getting into mischief. He has such a little personality on him that draws you to him. Hope all is well and thank you to the both of you for the best puppy we ever owned. You should be very proud of this little guy!"

"I found a groomer here who has Airedales, so I felt he would get a proper cut. She told me not to expect a great looking cut the first time, because he was so young and inexperienced with groomers. I informed her how you break the puppies into the grooming bit, so they are not afraid when they get their first grooming from you. She wasn't much of a believer until after she groomed our little guy. He got a report card, and here is what she said, "Buddy was very good for the first time with me. I am so impressed with your breeder's ability to condition her pups for the grooming experience. He was a pleasure to groom and he's filled with so many kisses!"

"You don't send people home with a puppy, you send them home with love."

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