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We decided to purchase our first Airedale based on the following excerpt from Evalyn Miller's book, How to Raise and Train the Airedale Terrier: ' "The biggest and best terrier" is what thousands of Airedale owners, scattered across the world, say about this pointer-sized dog, the only terrier versatile enough to track down a cougar one day, tend the baby the next, and pull a dogsled the third. He'll hunt everything from an elk to a shrew, and if he's after otters, he'll take to the water like an amphibian, his strong legs carrying him against currents that defy his master. He is so useful on a hunt that sportsmen say he combines the virtues of the spaniel, retriever, and pointer. Equally at home in the artic or the desert, in mountains, or swamps, the Airedale will follow his master wherever the trail leads.

And it's been said that a sick Airedale is just about as common as a dodo. Though bred to be a sportsman's dog - best suited for suburban or country life - he nevertheless has a lot of appeal for the ladies. Dog odor is practically nonexistent, and he's gentle, obedient, and thoroughly trustworthy, whether in charge of a child or a flock of ducklings. The dog's temper rises slowly but when he has to fight – whether his adversary be the town mongrel or a bear, he'll put everything he's got into it, for Airedales were bred for their courage, their tenacity, and their true terrier spirit.

In addition to all the virtues mentioned above, the Airedale is virtually non-shedding, and that was the final criteria for making this breed our choice above all others, for over 43 years.

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